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My friend and I found out a couple of days ago where the premiere… - I was on the verge of something good...
May 10th, 2007
05:27 am


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My friend and I found out a couple of days ago where the premiere was. We dressed up and went down there. We basically hustled our way in. We waited around in the upstairs lobby by the concession stand. Garrett wasn't inside yet so we waited around for another half an hour or so. We saw flashes going off downstairs and my friend was like go see what it is. I went halfway down the stairs to see Garrett posing down there for photographers. I ran back upstairs and I was like "It's him. It's Garrett." He came off the escalator and somehow we stopped him. He's a hard guy not to just stare at. So, we asked for pictures and he said "Yea, of course." He took a picture with my friend. My friend was like "Do you want one?" I said "Of course I want one." He put his arm around me and leaned down. I'm normally short but I'm really short next to him. My friend was like "We're big fans." He was like "Thank you so much." and he rubbed my back. I DIED.

After I took my picture, he smiled and said "Of course I smile now after the picture." They told him to go in and he was like "Thanks a lot." THIS IS WHEN WE OFFICIALLY DIED INSIDE THE ZIEGFELD... He took my friend's hand, pulled her in and kissed her on the cheek. I was standing there thinking 'Oh my god. This is not about to happen to me." When he did the same thing to me, I just didn't even know my own name anymore. It wasn't like a cheap kiss either. He really pressed his lips on my cheek and I did the same thing to him. It's funny because as I said before I'm short and he had to lean down really far. He walked away and we just stood there for like a minute just standing there taking it all in.

We went inside and watched the movie. Here's a small tidbit about Garrett's part that made me happy. He does NOT kiss Hohan at any point in the movie. After the movie, he was outside signing for people and we stood out there just taking him in. We overheard someone talking about where the after party was so we went down there. We missed him going in so we waited. He came back out like an hour and a half later. He signed our programs from the premiere.

We told him we loved him in the movie and he thanked us. we asked for more pictures and he agreed. My friend went first and she was like "Let's take one for myspace" or something like that. He said something about posing sexy or something. I was again just basking in the Garrett hotness. I took another one with him too.

We said good night and we left. I'm pretty sure I'm still standing in the movie theatre in that exact spot. dead.

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